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Writing in 2011

1 Jan

I’m one of those people that makes lists. And of course, I have a crazy list of “Stuff To Do This Year.” I make one every year, but considering that I’m graduating from high school and starting college and all that, my list is noticeably longer this year.

But, because I have nothing to do but homework, and part of that is revising my “Portal” half-novel, I’ve been thinking about writing and goals…

So I have a whole list just for writing! Don’t worry–it’s pretty short. =D

Kristine’s Writing List of 2011!

+ Finish a book!

+ Blog about some good stuff

+ Keep up with the creation of the Master document to all of my story ideas

+ Experiment and write a play/TV show/movie

+ Take some sweet college English classes (AP gets me out of lame ones =D)


One… Two… Three…

5 Dec

Ashlie and I went and saw Tangled yesterday (good movie go see it, but we did have one horrific experience I’ll let her tell you about. She enjoys it more) and I spent most of my pre-movie time chatting and, in the back of my mind thinking about my new story idea and some of my old story ideas…

I’m ALWAYS coming up with new books to write. Like the rest of the world, I dump most of them, or let them fester, unwritten, at the back of my mind, pulled out and dusted off when I’m at my most bored.

But I’ve had this one story that I work pretty much all the time, since I came up with it… A year ago? A year and a half? I dunno, the point is it’s been a long time.

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The Pirate Story

5 Nov

It all began with an assignment and a goal…..


Writing a novel throughout the month of November is the assignment.

50,000 words, and the conquest of NaNoWriMo, is the goal.

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