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Rave: Les Miserable

10 Nov

Secret-sharing time: I’m a nerd. Even better, I’m a musical theatre nerd, and a book nerd, and a French nerd.

So, obviously, I’ve read Les Miz. and watched it. And bought the entire album off iTunes.

But I can usually downplay it because it’s not something you mention in random conversation. Like ‘hey, omg, did you read that book that came out centuries ago?’ Not really breaking news.

But now there’s a live musical showing in movie theaters (they recorded it in London) next week and I’m super excited.

Great musical, plain and simple.

And it’s a great book, too. But a lot of people are intimidated by it (over 1,000 pages, paperback abridged addition and it was written forever ago), for no apparent reason. Because this is, for reals, the best-written and easiest-to-understand classic book I’ve ever read. The sheer size is the only thing that can throw you off, and it’s a little bit addictive, which gets you over that.

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