October, 2010. We’re sitting in high school, staring blankly at computers and trying to think of something, in five minutes, that we will be writing about for 8 weeks. Ashlie starts off with a bakery run by a “bunch of dudes”(Kristine’s words. Not Ashlie’s). I (Kristine!) had a long-coming story about orphans. Within three days, I was researching Russian to write The Portal Story. Ashlie was slower, and more stubborn, but finally got sidetracked and started on her pirate book.

We didn’t finish those books. But they worked as the catalyst for the creation of this blog.

So, this is the journey, from halfway through those almost-books to the authors that we will be. Hopefully.

Read “The Authors” to get more info on Ashlie and Kristine!
Check out “Contact Us” and you can recommend books, give us comments, etc.

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