Book Review – Megan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys by Kate Brian

24 Jan

Once again, I bought this book for a quick read. Here’s the summary..

Boys. 7 of them, to be exact.

Megan is used to moving from place to place — it’s typical for an army brat. But she drew the line at South Korea. She insists on staying in the States to finish her last two years of high school. So her parents made arrangements for Megan to live with their friends, the McGowans…and the McGowans’ 7 sons.

Turns out, living with 7 boys might as well be a foreign country! The boys are messy. They are cliquey (who knew?). And worst of all, two of the oldest boys are H-O-T. (A problem considering they are supposed to be Megan’s “brothers.”) Megan is definitely in enemy territory. She needs to win over the boys’ hearts without totally crushing her own.

And when Megan starts falling for one of them, sibling rivalry takes on a whole new meaning….

What is a girl to do?

Hmmm where do I begin with this book? I didn’t dislike it, but there were things that I disliked. And I didn’t like it, but there were things I liked.

I didn’t like how EVERY guy in the house liked her, at least in the end. First she liked a guy, then he was hitting on her and stuff, then she likes another guy but he likes someone else and then he likes her, then the first guy likes her, and another “leaves the garage” more often because she is there and WHAT?? I dislike that every guy in the house was having a relationship with her. I think Kate Brian (author) should have focused more on becoming a family with everyone but ONE guy (who is her special family member, if you know what I mean) and not special, love love relationship with everyone. Wow, does that make sense? Oh well, my readers are smart and can decipher my words…

I thought the characters were shallow, as in featured no depth to their personalities. And every guy liked a completely different thing, which was odd. Like one guy was a hardcore artist, another guy was a hardcore motorcycle guy, etc. Catching my drift? Very extreme differences, which wasn’t necessary. Why did all the kids have to be so extremely different from each other? It’s not believable. And I feel like we only skimmed the surface on the personalities of the characters.

Megan’s friend would tell her she needed to stand up for herself, but I never saw that she didn’t. And then in the end she was congratulating herself for standing up and I didn’t see that either. The author was trying to tell me that the character was sweet and meek in the beginning and turned tough (got the stand-up-for-myself attitude), but stop telling me and start showing me! I DON’T BELIEVE IT!

So now you’re wondering what I DID like about it. And the truth is, I can’t really remember. Nothing stuck out at me as good. I guess the premise was ok. It got me to buy the book. But I didn’t like the execution much.

I think you should just keep in mind that this is a simple book written to apease teen girls, so some things were made overly dramatic. If you want something easy to read, this book wouldn’t be bad. And anyway, it’s a girl in a living with like 7 attractive dudes… can you go wrong with giving the book a chance?

That is basically what I thought. The characters seemed far-fetched and I didn’t get to know them, which made me not care about them. Overall, I give this book a 2.5/5 which sounds bad but it’s not really. It was good for a simple read, if you like teen trouble and gossip.

Please rate and comment! I’d like to know what you thought!

Expect another review soon! I promise!




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