Writing in 2011

1 Jan

I’m one of those people that makes lists. And of course, I have a crazy list of “Stuff To Do This Year.” I make one every year, but considering that I’m graduating from high school and starting college and all that, my list is noticeably longer this year.

But, because I have nothing to do but homework, and part of that is revising my “Portal” half-novel, I’ve been thinking about writing and goals…

So I have a whole list just for writing! Don’t worry–it’s pretty short. =D

Kristine’s Writing List of 2011!

+ Finish a book!

+ Blog about some good stuff

+ Keep up with the creation of the Master document to all of my story ideas

+ Experiment and write a play/TV show/movie

+ Take some sweet college English classes (AP gets me out of lame ones =D)


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