28 Nov

EDIT (11/29/2010): I’ve been told to warn you that this post contains spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. You’ve been warned…

I spent most of my day blowing off homework to watch Potter Puppet Pals and A Very Potter Musical on YouTube and trying to explain The Deathly Hallows to my dad.

Because, let’s be honest: if you haven’t read the book/seen Part 2, there’s no chance you’re going to get anything except the obvious.

And my dad’s one of those people who calls Snape ‘Snipe.’ Which suits him just as well, really. (JUST BECAUSE HE WAS IN LOVE WITH HARRY’S MUM *SHUDDER* DOES NOT MEAN HE’S A GOOD MAN. STILL A CREEPER)

I was obsessed with HP for a large chunk of my childhood and the movie brought it back a little from the dark storage closet in my brain where I put all of that in my brain after Tonks, Lupin and Fred died. All my favorite people… Why JK Rowling? WHY?

But even with all of my shock/outrage, I didn’t really understand Book 7, and seeing the movie, I actually got some of it. And remembered a lot of stuff I just forgot.

I want to give a big thumbs up to the people that make those movies. I read an interview at some point where Daniel Radcliff said that it’s not just the books that make the movies a success: they’re actually decent movies. And they are. Especially as the books get more depressing, serious, deadly and confusing, the movies offer a decent step back from Harry’s brain (where everything makes sense) and force the writers to make so things really do make sense.

I loved (and totally understood!) the whole breaking-into-the-Ministry part, and Ron’s little melodrama (“oh, no! my wife’s down there all alone!” “Ron, you don’t have a wife.” “oh.”).

Although, why did Harry have a glass shard thing with Dumbledore’s face? Was it from that mirror Sirius gave him? How did it appear in his sock?

Speaking of the mirror, I want to point out that if Sirius had spared Harry’s feelings a bit, he’d still be alive. Remember 5 where Harry breaks into Umbridge’s office for the first time, and Sirius says that everyone’s an idiot at 15? And Harry says ‘I’m 15!’ Sirius just nods like ‘yeah, right…’

If he would just have said ‘Yes, and here you are breaking into a locked room, risking expulsion when you could’ve just used the mirror,’ then Harry would have remembered it and BOOK 5 WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. But there you have it. Kindness kills the godfather…

On that point: The movies also make it clear that EVERYONE (minus Harry/Ron/Hermione) who acts endearingly or is charming is being set up to die. Just saying…

Anyway, comments are super welcome, because I’m basically looking for people to talk to about the movie. And the MELODRAMA at the end. The bit with Dobby was sweet. The bit with Voldy and Dead Dumbly? Over the top.



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