Classics And Modern Authors

17 Nov

The greatest thing about great books is that they don’t let you go. Most of the time, my ideas about it (sequels, new characters, etc) get tossed about in my brian and eventually tossed out. Some of them make it to to float about with the other people’s…

But what I’m really jealous of is the people who get them published. I mean, DUDE!

This isn’t like a modern-book-thing. But how many new Robin Hoods and King Arthurs are there? A bunch. There’s even a series of books about Pride and Prejudice from Mr Darcy’s point of view.

But we’re going to backtrack a little, and I want to just say a little about some of the really good new-Robins and Arthurs I’ve read. Because they’re my favorite.

First up is the only Robin Hood one I can think of, although I’ve read several and there was a TV show on BBC recently (1st season-good. 2nd-meh. 3rd-SUCKED). Outlaws of Sherwood is practically a classic on it’s own (they read it in the ‘Heroic Men and Women’ class at my school or something). I read it a few years ago and read it all in one night. Basically it’s a full remake of Robin Hood, going from his pre-outlaw stuff to the end of his run as an outlaw. Drawbacks are the old language (oh Robin McKinley, you invest yourself so far…) and the slightly depressing ending. But the romance is legit, Marian and Cecily are awesome (I picked my French name–Cecile–partially because of her) female characters in a story that doesn’t usually have those and the whole thing is actually worth emotional investment.

And now on to Arthur.

Jane Yolen is a good baseboard. She has the Young Merlin trilogy (which I have not read because they seem like something I should have read when I was 13 and now I’m 17, so…) and The Sword of the Rightful King, which is half basic-reinterpretation and half-‘wait… what’s this doing here?’ But in a good way. I recommend it for the brotherhood aspect. Because in the legend, Gawain and all his brothers end up on opposite sides of the fight, and that depressed me because they’re SO AWESOME in this book. Also, this is the only new-Merlin I’ve ever read that doesn’t make me wince, roll my eyes, gag or want to punch him. In short, the action’s good and the character stuff is great and the ending is actually surprising.

I’ll cap off (before we hit all the bad books I’ve read) with The Song of the Sparrow by Lisa Ann Sandell. It’s written in verse, which at first can seem weird, but it’s such a good book. Original, GOOD, interesting, GOOD. It’s mostly about Elaine of Shalott, who in the original poems is locked in a tower and eventually kills herself, but is much more awesome in this book. I can’t even get in to how great this book is. Read it. Love it.

If anyone else know of anything like this, let me know! I love it!



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