The Portal Story

5 Nov

So, I’m going to jump right into this…

I’m Kristine! I speak French and very minimal Russian and this is a basic summary of my book (that’s so weird to say!):

“Theo is a normal teenage girl: she doesn’t really like her family or her life, and she’s just waiting for her real life to start when she gets to move out. She’s usually overshadowed by her younger sister, Hanna, especially if you ask their grandma. But by accident, Theo is given the important job Hanna was supposed to get: tutoring and protecting (although Theo doesn’t know how well she can do either) three princesses from an alternate universe.

“Theo–renamed ‘Thea‘ by the girls–finally wants to go home, but she’s stuck impossibly far away, at the mercy of her grandmother. Just like before, Theo is waiting to find out who she is and what she can do. But finally, she’s in a place where she might be able to. Or, you know, die trying.”

Not sure how I feel about this summary, but that’s really what I’m writing about.

NaNoWriMo, prepare to meet your match (maybe).


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