The Pirate Story

5 Nov

It all began with an assignment and a goal…..


Writing a novel throughout the month of November is the assignment.

50,000 words, and the conquest of NaNoWriMo, is the goal.

I always thought I would write what I read, romantic comedies for young adults. So, when the assignment was announced, that was the genre I picked.

I wrote about 2 pages of the story and got stuck. This frustrated me and I started being unfaithful, thinking of new story ideas.

One night, I, for some reason, was craving a pirate story. I already knew what I wanted to happen in the story so reading an already-written-book wasn’t an option. Deciding Kristine would write a pretty good pirate story, I suggested it to her. She turned it down because of her faithfulness to her Portal story. She did write me a synopsis, though, which inspired ME to write a synopsis, and I fell in love. I started this book at that moment and have since ne’er strayed.

50,000 words in 30 days??

No Problem.

So, now you’re curious about the contents of my story?

Madeleine Burns is on a ship to America with her mother when it is attacked by pirates. The ship is wrecked and abandoned, with Madeleine still on it. Hysteric in her fear, she accepts a ride to port on a passing pirate ship and the crew becomes her new family.

Sorry for the short summary. I am horrible at not writing spoilers…

♥ Ashlie


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